Jennifer L. Stoots, AAA, is a certified member of the Appraisers Association of America (tested & certified in photography).  She has been professionally involved in the arts for 24 years, has been working in the photography market for 20 years, and has been appraising fine art and photography for 16 years.  She has been living and working in the Northwest essentially since 1990. (Graduate school and work to her to New York City from 2011 – 2014.)

Stoots acquired her credentials to appraise art from NYU’s Appraisal Studies Program for Fine and Decorative Art in 2002 and she earned her Master’s degree in the History of Art & Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY (2013).  Jennifer is most often engaged in appraising contemporary art, fine art photography and photographic archives, as well as preparing market analysis reports, and helping individuals manage their collections or archives and plan for their legacy.

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