Jennifer L. Stoots, AAA, has been working in the museum and gallery industry for 25 years, in the photography marketplace for 21 years, and has been appraising documentary & fine art photographs, photographic archives, and contemporary art for 17 years. In addition to her art appraisal work, she helps photographers navigate the fine art photography market and provides guidance and strategy with regards to planning their artistic legacy. In recent years, she has written articles about the process of valuation and the importance of legacy planning for ASMP and the American Photography Archive Group’s 2017 publication “The Photo Archive Handbook.”  She is also a photo historian and has an ongoing series dedicated to photography history on social media.

Stoots received her Master’s degree in the History of Art & Design from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn (2013) and her Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Oregon, Eugene (1994). She acquired her appraising credentials from NYU’s Appraisal Studies Program for Fine and Decorative Arts (2002) and is a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA).

Stoots had early training as an artist and photographer (1980s & 90s). After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Art History, she worked at several museums as a volunteer, under supervision of curatorial staff in their respective Education Departments, Registrar’s Office or Special Collections. She subsequently managed a fine art photography gallery in Portland, OR (1998 – 2004), spearheading sales, exhibition production and bookkeeping. Subsequently, and while fostering her art appraisal business, she worked part-time as a sales associate for a contemporary art gallery where she had opportunity to work national art fairs (2004 – 2007). Currently, and in addition to her appraisal work, she helps the East Wing gallery (Doha) at select international art fairs. 

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