Upcoming public presentations:

Access to Excess

A discussion centered around the internet & the art market and its impact on patterns of collecting. 

Santa Monica / February 3, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

PhotoLA / Barker Hanger
3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

This talk is part Photo L.A. Programming and tickets are $10 in advance (not including admission to the fair). 

DESCRIPTION:  The number of makers is virtually incalculable. Patrons, collectors and casual buyers are, however, potentially quantifiable. Trends are tracked and access is 24/7. The internet has democratized and decentralized the art market, as was hoped, but getting a fix on what’s selling, who’s buying and where from is a work in progress. “Access to Excess” will open with a brief historical review of how we got here, followed by a panel discussion with industry luminaries and mainstream collectors about promoting, selling, discovering and buying artwork and photographs online.

Our esteemed panelists include:
Jennifer DeCarlo, Director, jdc Fine Art
Paula Ely, Collector and Board Member, Photographic Arts Council Los Angeles
Michael Hulett, Director, Peter Fetterman Gallery 
Michelle Dunn Marsh, Publisher, Minor Matters Books, and Executive Director & Curator, Photographic Center NW (PCNW)
and Dr. Till von Wachter, Collector and Professor of Economics, UCLA
Moderated by Jennifer L. Stoots, AAA, Certified Photography Appraiser, Stoots LLC
Online sales of artwork continues to grow, with a prime portion the buyers described as “main street” level. According to the Hiscox report for 2018, overall sales for online art platforms was up 12% in 2017, compared to 2016. In addition to increased confidence of buying online, the report states that 25% of buyers paid, on average, $5,000 per piece. Global accessibility is also a key benefit, in that, of the galleries surveyed, 70% of them said they sold art online to international buyers in 2017 (up from 54% in 2016).

Peter Miller, Galerie Crone, Paris Photo, November 2017

Jennifer DeCarlo, Director, jdc Fine Art
Jennifer DeCarlo has a strong connection to the photographic field through her work in galleries, as a writer, and patron of the arts.  Jennifer earned her MFA from UW-Madison and BFA from Knox College.  After completing her studies, Jennifer worked as the Assistant Director at the Schneider Gallery, Chicago for three years then Writer|Editor for AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) for nearly five years.  She has been working under her own banner as an Art Dealer since 2011.  jdc hosts seasonal exhibitions for represented artists in her San Diego Gallery, and consults on public projects and hosts private events from Chicago.
Paula Ely, Collector and Board Member, Photographic Arts Council Los Angeles
Paula Ely is a television programming consultant for major advertising agencies. She is also an award-winning documentary film producer, and her current project, The Money Stone, recently premiered at the Austin Film Festival.  Paula is on the board of directors of the Photographic Arts Council Los Angeles, and with her partner Cesar Rueda has been collecting fine-art photography for more than ten years, with a focus on Latin America.
Michael Hulett, Director, Peter Fetterman Gallery 
Hailing from Oklahoma, Michael Hulett has been involved in the photographic medium for nearly two decades. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010, Michael cut his teeth managing two Los Angeles-based fine art photographers eventually making the move to the gallery world by joining the team at Peter Fetterman Gallery in 2013. 
When not running around the globe working at art fairs or curating gallery exhibitions, Michael spends his time with his wife, Hana, and furry child, Meelo.
Michelle Dunn Marsh, Publisher, Minor Matters Books, and Executive Director & Curator, Photographic Center NW (PCNW)

Primarily a book designer and editor, Michelle Dunn Marsh has experienced every aspect of the publishing process through positions with Aperture Foundation and Chronicle Books, and on a project basis with University of Washington Press, Museum of Glass, Heyday Books, Abbeville Press, and others. In 2013 she founded Minor Matters Books with Steve McIntyre; they have published fourteen books to date, sold in nearly all of the United States and over 20 countries.

She joined Photographic Center Northwest, an educational institution facilitating the creation and experience of significant photography, as executive director in August 2013. Previously a tenured professor in graphic design at Seattle Central Community College, she has lectured at Parsons/The New School, Yale University, and YoungArts Week in Miami, among others. She holds an MS in Publishing from Pace University in New York City, and a bachelor’s degree in literature/art history from Bard College.   (Photo courtesy Lincoln Potter)


Dr. Till von Wachter, Professor of Economics, UCLA

Till von Wachter is Professor of Economics at the University of California Los Angeles. Prof. von Wachter’s research examines how labor market conditions and institutions affect the wellbeing of workers and their families. In current work, he also studies the impact of minimum wages and homelessness in Los Angeles and California. Prof. von Wachter’s work has been featured the New York Times, the New Yorker, National Public Radio, the Economists, and the Financial Times, among others. An active photographer himself, he enjoys taking about and looking at photographs. As a photo collector and Professor of Economics, he is inherently fascinated by the dynamics of the art market.