Photo History Lecture Series

Self-Made:  Photography as Vocation, 1827 – present


Option 1 / Tuesdays  4:30 – 5:45 pm, August 29 – October 31, 2017

Option 2 / Thursdays  2:00 – 3:15 pm, August 24 – October 26, 2017

LOCATION:  WeWork, 220 NW 8th Avenue on the North Park blocks, Portland, OR

COST:  Early Bird Special for series of 10 lectures / Tuesdays $150; Thursdays $175 (higher cost due to peak hour of room rental). Regular price of the lecture series (after Aug 14) / Tuesdays $175; Thursdays $200

ADDITIONAL OPTION:  Discussion Group – For those interested, readings will be recommended a week before each lecture and we will meet at a public coffee house a day or two before the lecture to discuss the essays or chapters assigned. Early Bird Special $45 for 9 meetings; after August 14, $60 for 9 meetings. (Minimum of six to run.  Day/Time to be determined, and if the lecture series moves forward.)

REGISTRATION via Eventbrite  (If you prefer to register and pay by check, to avoid the Eventbrite fee, that is an option. Please contact me at by August 14 to secure a space at the Early Bird Special rate.)

Created and presented by Jennifer Stoots


Although Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre was required to reveal, demonstrate and publish detailed instructions of the Daguerreotype process, he retained the copyright of the published manuals and maintained patents on the equipment needed to practice the new technology. Julia Margaret Cameron copyrighted her images and sold her work through P. and D. Colnaghi print sellers in London.  Paul Strand made his living as a filmmaker and Roy DeCarava was a gallery owner.

In this series of 10 photo history lectures, we will explore the variety of ways that photography has been a career choice or the basis of a business since its inception in 1827. Each presentation will be defined by a theme and can be appreciated on its own or in tandem with other lectures in the series.

Topics to be covered include: 

Lecture #1 / The motivations of invention.

#2 / The birth of a new industry.

#3 / Publishing, distribution, public commissions + the role of photographic societies.

#4 / Conflict photography, journalism military commissions and the illustrated press (19th c.).

#5 / Conflict photography, photojournalism, agencies and the press (20th c.).

#6 / Science and exploration.

#7 / Advertising and fashion.

#8 / Advocacy, propaganda and the professional photographer.

#9 / Industrial application, world’s fairs and teaching photography.

#10 / The art market, museums & curators, galleries and art fairs.

The primary emphasis will be on economics, historical context and how photographs have been used, including a look at patrons and employers, plus publications, exhibitions and commercial venues.

MINIMUM – 15 people for the lecture series to run; limit of 20. If you register for the series but the minimum to run is not reached by Aug 20 for the Thursday series (or Aug 25 for the Tuesday series) refunds will be issued in full.

ALA CARTE OPTION – After the minimum is reached for series subscribers, any remaining seats will be offered “ala carte” the week before the lecture runs.

*If you prefer to avoid the Eventbrite fee, and would like to pay for the series by check, make the payment of $150 for the Tuesday series (or $175 for the Thursday series) out to:

“Stoots LLC” and mail to

P.O. Box 5883

Portland, OR 97228

by August 14, 2017, to secure your spot at the discounted Early Bird Special rate. (Full refunds will be issued if the series does not reach the minimum required to run—Aug 20 for Thursdays and Aug 25 for the Tuesday series.)