Additional Services

Collections Management  ♦  Art Market Evaluations  ♦  Portfolio Reviews

With 20 years working in the gallery and museum industry, Jennifer Stoots has extraordinary knowledge of the art market. Her experience working at galleries, volunteering at museums, and as an independent art appraiser has provided multiple perspectives such that she is familiar with the factors that impact the buying and reselling of artwork, donating to public institutions, how conservation affects value and the dynamics of the gallery and auction arenas, among a myriad of other facets of the art world.

Collections management and consultation services are based on an hourly rate. For more information, please contact us.


Stoots has helped collectors & estates:

  • organize archives & set-up collections management systems
  • navigate the process of selling at auction
  • assess the climate for buying or selling artwork based on recent art market activity and performance
  • find the best institution(s) for their collections or archive
  • use artwork as collateral for a short-term loan
  • negotiate with out-of-area galleries to gain “on approval” access to artwork for purchase
  • resell artwork through galleries, private dealers or the latest sphere of online venues


Stoots helps photographers:

  • to explore strategies for expanding their market
  • edit their portfolios prior to approaching a gallery or attending portfolio review conferences
  • establish appropriate editioning and pricing structure
  • choose best practices for finished work (e.g., signing, numbering, mounting, matting, etc.)
  • focus on which gallerists and curators would be best to approach given their imagery

*Portfolio reviews are provided on an hourly basis and generally held at the photographer/artist’s studio. (Online portfolios are not reviewed, as the digital file does not relate information about print quality.*


“I approached Jennifer Stoots with the problem of how to sell a rare contemporary painting by a famous artist. An atypical artwork that had no comparisons. I wanted guidance and advice on how to get the best price.

Jennifer assisted me in many different ways. Her own experience in brokering art works helped me to do the same. She helped me”

Ellen Van Fleet, Artist & Seller of a rare paintng by a significant 20th century artist