Lenscratch Interview

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I am exceedingly honored to have been interviewed by Aline Smithson for her Mixtape series on Lenscratch. The interview touches on my path to and passion for photography, as well as what I’m working on and the ways I have helped others (my favorite part of the job).  Enjoy!!!

“Determining Value”

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I am honored to be one of the contributors to The Photo Archive Handbook:  What you need to know, by Mary Engel, sponsored by the American Photography Archives Group (APAG).  The handbook will be available for purchase at APAG’s booth at the AIPAD Photo Show, Pier 94, New York, NY, Thursday March 30 – Sunday […]

Artistic Legacy

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Upcoming Events / San Francisco January 31, 2017 What will become of your artistic legacy? This panel discussion will address the common issues and questions artists, photographers and collectors needs to consider when planning their estate. Family, Fiduciaries and Foundations:  How artists, photographers & collectors can best preserve the fruit of their labors. DATE:     Tuesday January […]

Art Collectors Discover Irrevocable Trusts

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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL | by DANIEL GRANT A common estate-planning tool, the irrevocable trust, is increasingly being used for an uncommon purpose: It allows art owners to reap tax savings by transferring ownership of their paintings or other collectible objects, but keep possession so they can still enjoy them. First, the tax savings. Property […]

Revaluing Family Treasures for the Taxman

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A key point to bear in mind when reading the following article:  When it comes to the valuation of an estate—real property, assets and collectibles—the official date of valuation is the date of the decedent’s death.*  To clarify, if Mrs. Wallace (the surviving spouse) passes away on June 1, 2013, all property in the estate, including […]

Taxing times: private museums under scrutiny by US government

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THE ART NEWSPAPER | by JULIA HALPERIN Who benefits most from tax breaks on private art museums: patrons or the public? The US government is scrutinising the tax-exempt status of private museums and questioning whether some institutions benefit their wealthy founders more than the general public. The Senate Finance Committee sent a letter to 11 […]

Orchestrating Your Legacy

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January Events / Los Angeles area Event #1 PANEL—What will become of your legacy? A panel discussion with an estate attorney, special collections archivist and art appraiser, centered around key questions about estate planning for artists and art collectors. DATE:    Wednesday January 20, 2016 PLACE:    Studio 852, Rialto Court, Venice, CA TIME:    7:30 – 8:30 […]

Support Local Entrepreneurs + Giving Tuesday

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In addition to re-posting the list of extraordinary non-profits that support photography and the arts, I would also like to bring attention to Mercy Corps Northwest (not to be confused with the equally incredible Mercy Corps).  Mercy Corps Northwest is dedicated to supporting individuals and entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest by way of education and […]

The Perfect Crime

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presented by East Wing November 12 – 15, 2015 / Grand Palais in Paris / Booth B36 East Wing (Doha + Dubai), presents an innovative curatorial program centering on contemporary photography and its intersections with the arts, sciences, architecture, design, music and fashion. “The perfect crime has no victim, no criminal, no clues… the artist is […]

European Copyright Reform Could Restrict Photography in Public Spaces

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As copyright legislation in the U.S. has often been modeled after precedents in the U.K. and Europe, this most recent European reform should be of interest to many of us. HYPERALLERGIC | by ALLISON MEIER Restrictions on photographing or filming copyrighted art, architecture, or other objects in public might get stricter in the European Union. On July […]

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