Minding the Hen House: Professional Standards for Art and Antique Appraisers

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Cindy CHARLESTON-ROSENBERG New Minimum Professional Qualifications Standards are Set for an Unregulated Industry The profession of appraising art and antiques has long been challenged by conflicts of interest and lack of regulatory oversight and requirements.   In fact, most countries who have firm standards in place for the appraisal of real property, fall short in regulating […]

Are You Paying Use Tax on Art Bought at Out-of-State Art Fairs and Online? You Should Be.

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Thomas C. DANZIGER and Patricia PERNES The New York State use tax is a bit like your CPA’s love life: difficult to comprehend, and generally of interest only to other accountants. That’s a shame (as to the use tax, that is). This little understood statute actually has important financial ramifications for any serious art collector, […]