A R C H I T E C T U R E   I N   P H O T O G R A P H Y
October 5 – November 25, 2000

Architecture in PhotographyThis exhibition of Architecture in Photography has been curated to pair portraits of esteemed, internationally recognized modern and contemporary architects with an image, or images, of at least one or more of their creations. All photographs presented have been taken by formidable photographers, including some of the foremost of this last century. To give an example, portraits of Walter Gropius by Philippe Halsman and Lucia Moholy coupled with images of the Bauhaus as taken by Lucia Moholy and Iwao Yamawaki.

This exhibition has been curated from sources in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Barcelona and Milan.

Curated by Jennifer Stoots

A R C H I T E C T S   R E P R E S E N T E D

Tadao Ando
Mario Botta
Santiago Calatrava
Frank O. Gehry
Walter Gropius
Zaha Hadid
Louis Kahn
Rem Koolhaas
Le Corbusier
Richard Meier
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Richard Neutra
J.J.P. Oud
I.M. Pei
Frank Lloyd Wright
and others

P H O T O G R A P H E R S   I N C L U D E D

Bruce Barnbaum
Elizabeth Gill Lui
Philippe Halsman
Klaus Kinold
Lucia Moholy
Thomas Mayer
Arnold Newman
Richard Pare
Paolo Rosselli
Julius Shulman
Andre Steiner
Ezra Stoller
Hisao Suzuki
Judith Turner
Iwao Yamawaki
and others


C O N S T R U C T I O N S   F E A T U R E D

Worker’s Housing, Hook of Holland, 1924
Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany, 1926
Villa Savoye, Poissy, France, 1928-31
Johnson Wax Factory, Racine, Wisconsin, United States, 1936-39/1943-45
Kaufmann House, Palm Springs, California, United States, 1946
Seagram Building, New York, United States, 1954-58
Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, United States, 1966-72
Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center, New York, United States, 1979-86
Church on the Water, Tomamu, Hokkaido, Japan, 1985-88
Villa Dall’ Ava, Saint Cloud, Paris, France, 1985-91
Vitra Fire Station, Weil am Rhein, Germany, 1990-94
Stadthaus UCN, Germany, 1991-93
Volantin Footbridge, Bilbao, Spain, 1990-97
S. Maria degli Angeli, Monte Tamaro, Switzerland, 1996
Der Neue Zollhof, Düsseldorf, Germany, 1994-99
and others

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