We returned to find your splendid appraisal in the mail.We have thoroughly enjoyed reading it… and we are most excited to share it with our children. It will give them a much deeper understanding of the work. You clearly have a gift for getting to the important details of both the artists and the works.  To me, that is much more important than the monetary appraisal, and I know how disciplined you have to be to make all that information coherent and accurate. Bravo!

My father passed away and left a variety of antiques and collectibles. Among them was a collection of black and white photographs. I had no idea where they came from or how he came to be in possession of them. I contacted Jennifer to assist me with identifying the photos and determining what to do with them.

She gave me a multitude of ideas for liquidating my father’s collection and was very helpful with determining a value expectation for the material. I would without a doubt refer anyone with questions regarding collectible photographs to her. She is professional, knowledgeable and extremely thorough in her analysis. She’s also very organized and respectful of your collection, even if it may not be a “lottery ticket”. Your valuables have meaning to you and she takes that very serious.