As co-executor of my cousin’s estate I needed more information about what would be involved in a formal appraisal of her photo collection and how a valuation would be determined.  I had seen Jennifer speaking in a video on the ASPP website and was impressed with her knowledge and clear explanations of the highly specialized process of photography appraisals.  Not only did she call me promptly after receiving my email inquiry, but she was also prepared by having done some quick preliminary research on my cousin’s career.  She spent a long time on the phone with me discussing different approaches to valuation and what we would need to prepare for an appraisal. In terms of giving guidance she exceeded my expectations. […] Having spoken to a few appraisers prior to Jennifer, I was convinced that, had we needed an appraisal, we would have chosen her to work with us. Not only is she highly knowledgeable and experienced, but she has an approachable manner and explains things clearly and effectively.