I came to Jennifer with a handful of items from my mother in-law’s estate, including art, ceramics, and more.  I had zero knowledge of any of it, and zero clue of how to even begin the research.  I sent off approximately five emails to various appraisers, made lots of phone calls, and was always met with the same answer—“This is not my specialty.”  Then I received a call from Jennifer and, wow, did she exceed my expectations.  The ironic thing is that the items I was inquiring about are not her specialty either.  However, she was able to give me a boatload of information on places that I could visit, websites to search, and people that I could call.  I would highly recommend that she be your first call.  She is very quick on her feet, thinks outside the box, and able to articulate her points and thoughts clearly.  She comes across as very well educated, well spoken, and a true professional.