“When my father, a lifetime educator and prolific artist, passed away I was handed the burden of valuing his estate. The real property and tangible personal property were the easy items but putting a value in his remaining created artwork was something that I hadn’t even considered. I began my search for an art appraiser, found some dead ends and people that didn’t call back.

Enter Jennifer Stoots. Our first telephone conversation was an excellent start, she picked up the phone! I explained my situation and she went straight to the important questions while also being friendly and energetic. Within a couple of weeks she had travelled to the location of the works and spent a full day documenting. She was very focused and left me with the impression of a seasoned professional. In a brief amount of time I had a full appraisal containing 36 pages of analyses, certifications, market values, curricula and example photos. I now had the legal documentation I needed to file a tax return without any doubts about the valuation of my father’s created works.

Jennifer did a great service to my siblings and me by being a dedicated professional with a lot of experience. She was a bright spot in a dark time. I would highly recommend her.  —Executor of an Artist’s Estate (January 2019)

I am a member of APAG (the American Photography Archives Group), and Jennifer was our guest lecturer at our August (2018) meeting at ICP. Many of the members are concerned about the future of our inventory and it was quite impressive to learn the many aspects of pricing and appraising a photographic image. At that moment I thought she was the person that I should invite to my studio to better discuss my inventory. I had questions…. and Jennifer certainly had answers.

Our meeting extended for much longer than I ever expected—very generous on her part—and she surprised me with her profound knowledge about how one can go about pricing. She also opened my mind about my own inventory and the many ways to explore it, in ways I never dreamt of, by of the organizations and institutions she mentioned, and much more.

No doubt in my mind I would refer Ms. Stoots for consultation. In fact I already did. Not only is she unique in her particular field but an impressive professional. I would say she was very generous with her knowledge and time.”