Tips for Dividing Art in a Divorce or Death

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Fights and Taxes Can Arise When Art Collections Must Be Broken Up THE WALL STREET JOURNAL | by DANIEL GRANT September 21, 2014 Who gets that painting? Of all the fights that can erupt during divorce proceedings or when a family member leaves behind a large estate, some of the biggest take place over the […]

The Vivian Maier Archive—A Guessing Game

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Managing the archive of a deceased artist can be a challenge, especially if the artist has not specified their wishes before death, written or otherwise. While some high profile (and staggeringly organized) photographers like Richard Avedon left a detailed directive for his Foundation (specifying, for example, that no posthumous prints would be produced from his […]

Buyers Find Taxbreak on Art

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NEW YORK TIMES | By GRAHAM BOWLEY and PATRICIA COHEN EUGENE, Ore. — The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, tucked into a quiet corner of a college campus here in the hills of the Pacific Northwest, is hardly the epicenter of the art world. Yet major collectors, fresh from buying a Warhol or a Basquiat […]

Scores of Helmut Newton Forgeries Discovered

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This article illustrates perfectly why it’s important to work with a reputable dealer or auction house that knows the artist’s work and has access to the Estate or Foundation if there are questions about the artwork. —Stoots artnet News | Alexander FORBES – 9 June 2014 The online art market is being flooded with forged […]

Do you know what the Fair Market Value of art is?

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Many have an idea of what Fair Market Value (FMV) refers to but it’s not as concrete as it sounds.  The IRS has defined FMV as “… the price that property would sell for on the open market. It is the price that would be agreed on between a willing buyer and a willing seller, […]

Gilman Paper Company Collection

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Written by Jennifer Stoots In March 2005 the Metropolitan Museum of Art was fortunate enough to have acquired the Gilman Paper Company Photography Collection, elevating the Museum’s collection of 19th Century photography to the status of enviable.  The Met has made a concerted effort to develop its comparatively modest photography collection over the last two decades. […]


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Written by Jennifer Stoots The Copyright Act of 1976 states that “All works created on or after January 1, 1978, are protected by statutory copyright from the time of creation in fixed tangible form, regardless of registration or publication with copyright notice.”[1]  In layman’s terms, this means that an artist or author has full ownership […]

Good Intentions

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Written by Jennifer Stoots In 1986 Herbert Alexlrod, a collector of stringed instruments who had made his fortune as a publisher of pet-care books, loaned four (4) Stradivarius instruments to the National Museum of American History.  The “Axelrod Quartet,” as the set is now referred to, consists of a 1687 violin, a 1709 violin, a […]

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