Figures in Landscape

F I G U R E S   I N   T H E   L A N D S C A P E
A photography exhibit curated by Jennifer Stoots
April 2 – May 2, 2009

On view at Guestroom Gallery 2219 NW Raleigh Portland, Oregon

Figures in the Landscape is an exhibition of photography focusing on the work of luminaries for whom the Northwest is/was significant to their lives & careers. Images included span the 20th Century and touch on the theme of the figure (or figures) in the natural or urban environment. Artists in the show who where born in Oregon or Washington include Imogen Cunningham (Portland, OR), Al Monner (Portland, OR), Lee Friedlander (Aberdeen, WA), Terry Toedtemeier (Portland, OR) and Suzanne Opton (Portland, OR). In addition, photographers who have lived and worked in the Northwest are also featured, such as Edward S. Curtis, Ray Atkeson, Minor White, Robert Adams, Stu Levy and David Taylor.
Special thanks is extended to Guestroom Gallery, Fraenkel Gallery, G. Gibson Gallery, Howard Greenberg Gallery, PDX Contemporary Art, Quintana Gallery, Brad Rogers and the exhibiting artists, for their participation and contributions to this show.

Imogen Cunningham "Self-portrait" Edward S. Curtis "In the Forest Quinault" Stu Levy "Untitled (Un-nude)"
Minor White "Bob Bright, San Pedro Point Marker" Lee Friedlander "New City", 1966 Imogen Cunningham "On the Dip Sea Trail (Roi Partridge)", 1906
Suzanne Opton "Gayleen, Vermont" Lee Friedlander "New City, New York", 1974 Robert Adams "Kersten, Weld County, Colorado"
 David Taylor "Procession"