presented by East Wing
November 12 – 15, 2015 / Grand Palais in Paris / Booth B36
East Wing (Doha + Dubai), presents an innovative curatorial program centering on contemporary photography and its intersections with the arts, sciences, architecture, design, music and fashion.

“The perfect crime has no victim, no criminal, no clues… the artist is also close to the perfect crime…. But he runs away from it and his work is the trace of his criminal imperfection… the artist is the one who resists with all his might the fundamental urge not to leave traces”.
—Jean Baudrillard, Paroxysm: Le Crime Parfait.

Presenting a series of works composed of intriguing narratives, East Wing asks audiences to become complicit in the ultimate crime of illusion. The artists exhibited employ photography to negotiate their questions, beliefs and ideas about reality. Using fiction, contrasted with the optical precision of the camera the images introduce authentic moments where illusion is not recognized as such, but as an alternative or re-visit of reality. The sense of play and blurring of boundaries resoundingly reflect a current fascination with spectacle.

Selected artists and series presented:

Cortis and Sonderegger Ikonen
Christto and Andrew Glory of the Artifice
Cédric Delsaux Zone de Repli
Philippe ChancelKim Happiness
Sarker Protick Love Me or Kill Me
Robert Zhao RenhuiThe Last Thing You See
Philip Toledano Maybe